ETA ELECTRIC provides a broad range of consultancy services to companies operating in the utility, industrial and commercial sectors throughout Egypt. Our experts will come to your business to assess, advise, design, commission, develop system and provide training for your staff to ensure efficiency and safety in your operations
Consulting Aspect

ETA ELECTRIC engineering sector helping their customers to have a complete image about their electrical consumption status. Our experts’ study, design, and develop electrical systems and recommend the most reliable effective solution according to technical and financial studies done by well-trained experienced stuff.

Supplying, installing and commissioning

Supplying and installing for all electrical system components and equipment in construction projects, industrial and commercial fields such as MV/LV switchgear, Drives, Inverters, PLCs, Cables, Transformers, MCCs, PFC, electrical piping system and measuring & protection devices.

Implementation and Operation Service

ETA Electric continue their consultancy service during implementation and operation phase of your electrical project. Our experts will maintain guiding your stuff during commission and erection of the project. Also, supervise the required training for your stuff and make assessment to the applied solutions in your plant to assure reliable operation of the electrical system. These services are considered as one of our main duties in aim to firm and settle unbreakable relationship with our customers.

Troubleshooting and Maintenance

ETA Electric offering maintenance services involves fixing any sort of electrical device should it become out of order or broken (known as repair, unscheduled or unplanned maintenance) for various power system components.

ETA ELECTRIC will test, report, maintain, fault localizing a repair system to high standard.

Measuring and Testing

ETA Electric offers different testing approaches as:

  • apparatus testing e.g. C.B, CT, VT, Busbar, protection relays, auxiliary batteries and power capacitors.
  • Function test for protection, control and measurement circuits and devices.
  • Protective relays calibration and co-ordination.
  • Mechanical check and inspection and general panel functional checks partial discharge and thermal imaging.
Financial Facilities
As the customer benefit comes first. Low interest funds could be provided through a cooperation arranged by ETA ELECTRIC with public organizations which have an impact on the market and governmental policies regarding Power quality and energy efficiency.