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ETA ELECTRIC ensures to work within industrial and commercial application, whether private or public sectors

ETA ELECTRIC projects on steel industrial field


ETA ELECTRIC's cooperation with Arab Company for Special Steel (ARCO STEEL), one of the biggest governmental steel companies in Egypt, started with their SVC maintenance project

ETA ELECTRIC was selected to support the complete process of the SVC maintenance project by supplying spare parts and installing them.

ETA ELECTRIC has been submitted for (SVC) maintenance project after competing against a specialized Italian company.

ETA ELECTRIC's competitive advantage in winning the tender was providing complete technical support and the ability to answer all inquiries by ARCOSTEEL team while also offering very reasonable prices.

ETA ELECTRIC maintenance for (28Mvar-22KV) static var compensator is submitted by

  1. Supplying & installing (2) reactors coils. 
  2. Supplying & installing (12) porcelain insulators.
  3. Supplying (19) spare parts of porcelain insulators.
  4. Maintenance for thyristor valves.
  5. GAL memory refreshment of control unit and thyristor valves
  6. Tests and measurements during the operation.
  7. Thermal imagining after loading.

Arab Company for Special Steel (ARCOSTEEL)

Arab Company for Special Steel (ARCOSTEEL) is established since 1992 as an Egyptian stock company under Law 230 /1989. The Company has a mixed Egyptian and Arab capital of 100 million US dollars. The total investment is about 278millions US dollars.

The Company is Located in the 5th industrial zone, Sadat City - Egypt equipped with high technologies for steel Making, rolling mill, finishing, heat treatment and utility equipment. 

ARCOSTEEL annual production capacity is 140,000 tons of high quality steel grades to cover the Local market demands and to export to both Arabic and European countries. 

ARCOSTEEL produces stainless steel, free cutting steel, spring steel, case hardening steel, and quenching & tempering steel according to international standards