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Installing, measuring, engineering, testing and offering technical study for compensation system and conduct the required annual maintenance for 6.6kV power station

Revamp of reactive power compensation system controlled by thyristor valves, PLC and SCADA system for voltage stability enhancement for the power station by provide measuring, design, engineering services and submitting technical specification for 33 kV power system 

Providing a voltage stability solution after performing a consultancy service by measuring, analyzing, submitting technical and feasibility study for 220&30kV power station 

Measuring, analyzing, auditing and engineering for drives controlled pumping system in AL-YUSR Desalination station

Measuring, auditing and offering consulting services for airstrip voltage supply continuity in airstrip level lighting for planes landing system


Supply, installation, maintenance, testing and commissioning for upgrading low voltage system

Procurement, installation, programming and engineering services for PLC system

Procurement and engineering services for low voltage system enhancement project