Different services enabling commercial and industrial energy customers to reduce utility charges, equipment damage costs, and operational issues reducing and offering an extensive assortment of power quality products that mitigate power quality issues
Auditing, Analysis and Offering Recommendations

ETA ELECTRIC offers power quality audit that provides an in-depth analysis of power quality supply through the electrical system and to verify the following aspects: 

  • The continuity of the power supply.
  • The quality of the voltage.

Power quality auditing services include:

  • Site survey.
  • Measuring using power analyzer devices.
  • Trouble analysis.
  • Fault diagnostics.
  • Ground current testing
  • Leakage current testing.

Our engineers use power analyzer devices to detect problems, faults and deteriorations and record all parameters of electricity that may be of use in locating the causes of the disturbances.

  • The measurements include, but are not limited to: [Urms, Vrms , Arms , F, unbalance (V,A) , THD(V) , THD(U) , THD (A) , D.F (V) , D.F (A) , Individual harmonics ( U and A ) up to order (50) AS %f and %r , K.F , C.F , P , Q , VA , KWH , KVARH , VAH , D.P.F , P.F , PST ,PLT ….etc. , All measurements are for single phase as well as three phases.
  • Analyzing all measurements and data collected and making a detailed report showing the problems and its effect.
  • Solving the power quality problems and introducing the most appropriate solution.