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ETA ELECTRIC offer the most reliable solutions which meet the customer requirements from different respectable professional brands 
Modifying solutions and advocating the ultimate products to develop power reliability and power quality in your industrial or commercial facility 
Improving Power Quality for Grid Productivity and Consistency, manufactured for the digital industrialized era and the effects that matter the most.

Active Harmonics Filter

ETA ELECTRIC provides a solution for harmonics mitigation and power quality applications in commercial and industrial facilities as well as in distributed power generation at both medium and low voltage.

ETA ELECTRIC suggests an active harmonic filter (AHF) that automatically regulates the existence of harmonic currents across the frequency range and produces “anti-currents” in order to decrease the harmonics to suitable levels. The AHF withdraws the whole spectrum of damaging harmonic currents at the point of connection.

Unlike passive filters, AHFs do not necessitate a pre-revision of the circuit’s harmonic currents to affect the scheme of the filter.

Benefits of an Active Harmonic Filter:-

• Decreases production disturbances
• Decrease carbon dioxide emission through better-quality energy productivity
• Reduce power consumption and increased production immovability
• Improves equipment lifespan
• Decreases operating costs
• Meets current dynamic loads (response time < 1 ms)
• Eliminate current and voltage harmonics


ETA ELECTRIC provides a member of the FACTS family devices, (STATCOM) static synchronous compensator.
STATCOM built on modern IGBT power electronics technology which provides real-time reactive power compensation and active harmonic filtering in demanding applications. In addition it also works on minimize voltage variations and mitigate flicker caused by heavy industrial load.
STATCOM also ensure grid code compliance for grid connected wind and solar farms and it is very applicable to improve the capacity of transmission and distribution networks.

Static Var Compensator (SVC)

Another Member of FACTS family device could be provided by ETA ELECTRIC is Static Var Compensator SVC.
SVC is stationary solution which employs power electronics to control fast-acting reactive compensation on electrical systems.
SVC is implemented with heavy industrial loads to provide fast reactive power compensation and eliminate voltage flicker and ensure voltage variation control in steel plants with electric arc furnaces (EAFs), mining plants with mine winders, excavators, crushers and grinders or to enhance transmission capacity and achieve unity power factor in utilities networks.

Uninterrupted Power Quality (UPQ)

ETA ELECTRIC provides a solution which built on innovation concept to deliver dual-functionality that guarantees both uninterrupted power supply and good power quality when operations with critical loads.
UPQ protects mission critical processes from supply interruptions and voltage sags while maintaining supply voltage quality by compensating harmonic currents and the reactive power fluctuations of non-linear loads.

PFC Capacitor Banks Panels

ETA ELECTRIC provide the passive solution for power factor correction with low voltage capacitors units and complete PFC panels including disconnectors,fuses,conatctors, busbars and ventilation system for both fixed and variable reactive compensation panels